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WELCOME...Please click 'services' for more information on Matso.TV!

Hi from Matso.TV! Matso.TV as an independent production company has ceased its services to the general public and new commercial customers. We will be continuing services to existing and established clients. Many of Matso.TV customers have taken advantage of a sister companys facilities over the past 8 years. It extends the 'professional and secure' service Matso.TV has provided for its past customers and friends! In the main it is a discreet removal/relocation service and distribution/Courier business. As many of our customers are 'profiled'...or wish not to be profiled...and With our contacts and networks spanning beyond the has been a simple service for us to provide! For any confidential discussion please call and ask for Sooty. The established company can be found here:

We hope the above is of use to you and we thank clients for your interest and support over the past 11+ years! Anyone wanting to discuss any issues relating to Matso.TV then please call 07521042699 and Sooty will be glad to answer...thanx again for your support!


P.S...for those who have visited the public 'secret' 'Equaliser' featured on the bottom of this page...there is a new 'Community' focused website developing here! It will have a wider scope covering...humanity! It is based around my experience 'out there' for nearly 9 a 'Stretched Limo!'. It is a 'social' website although it is 'read only'! For those who know our approach to is direct...precise...and relevant. Hoping to 'influence' the usual!x Enjoy!x

T-0845 6441961 - F-01223